Purple Electric Violin Concerto 2

Purple Electric Violin Concerto 2

Wingspan Records WING CD3 (2001)

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  1. Liverpool Concerto (part 1)
  2. Liverpool Concerto (part 2)
  3. Liverpool Concerto (part 3)
  4. Liverpool Concerto (part 4)
  5. Liverpool Concerto (part 5)
  6. Classical Suite (part 1)
  7. Classical Suite (part 2)
  8. Classical Suite (part 3)
  9. Variations on Pachelbel's Canon
  10. Improvisation 2

The release of this album in July 2001 saw a return to the solo violin work which made Ed famous.

The Liverpool Concerto was written whilst busking on the streets of Liverpool, and was recorded live using digital delays and effects pedals in the usual way.

The Classical Suite is a more classically structured piece, recorded with over-dubs and vocal harmonies (supplied by Denyze) to create a more orchestral sound. "In memory of Pagan, a very dear friend of ours who died in 1999."

Track 9 is a new semi-improvised live version of the piece Ed first recorded for the Oxford Suite single.