Purple Electric Violin Concerto

Purple Electric Violin Concerto

Equation Records ECQD001 (1992)
Distributed by Backs/RTM-Pinnacle

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  1. Oxford Suite (part 1)
  2. Oxford Suite (part 2)
  3. Oxford Suite (part 3)
  4. Oxford Suite (part 4)
  5. Inner City Music (part 1)
  6. Inner City Music (part 2)
  7. Inner City Music (part 3)
  8. Inner City Music (part 4)
  9. Improvisation
  10. Concrete Eden

This was Ed's debut solo album. It is a digitally recorded live performance with no backing tapes, overdubs or remixing. All sounds on this recording are produced completely live, using electric violin, digital delays and effects pedals.

Ed plays the purple 5-string electric violin he designed and built himself.

Please note that this album has appeared with different cover artwork.