Fly Before Dawn

Fly Before Dawn

Wingspan Records WING CD001 (1995)
Distributed by Backs/RTM-DISC

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  1. 3rd Eye
  2. Fly Before Dawn
  3. All a Dream
  4. Winter Son
  5. Men-an-Tol
  6. God's Viewpoint
  7. Summerland
  8. Forest Hill
  9. Wheel of Fortune
  10. Lion Mountain
  11. U.F.O.
  12. Somebody to Love

Winter Son was the first song Ed and Denyze ever wrote together. It was recorded on a portable 4-track machine in Ed's bedroom in Oxford.

3rd Eye was written after a visit to the grave of Alice Nutter, at Pendle Hill, Lancs. She was one of many women tried and executed for witchcraft in the 1600s.

Fly Before Dawn was written after Ed and Denyze saw the film "Interview with a Vampire".

Much of the album was written in a small cottage in Cornwall, and the tracks Men-an-Tol and Wheel of Fortune were inspired by two sets of local stone circles. Summerland is apparently the highest plane of astral projection, and, says Denyze, is "every witches dream".

Ed wrote the instrumental track Forest Hill as a look back at good memories of a free festival at Forest Hill, Oxfordshire, in the early 1980s. Ed and Denyze are keen X-Files fans, and the track UFO was probably inspired by their interest in things of that sort. Somebody to Love was originally by Jefferson Airplane.