Hello and welcome to the unofficial web site of Ed and Denyze Alleyne-Johnson. I hope you find it interesting. Please note that I have no formal connection with Ed and Denyze Alleyne-Johnson or Wingspan Records.

Recent News

28 May 2014

Ed now has his own official website at edalleyne-johnson.co.uk and at some point in the near future, my website will simply become a redirect to Ed's. It's been a privilege to have been able to run this unofficial site for (crikey) 18 years and I hope people have found it interesting and useful.

You can also interact with Ed's fans on his official Facebook page

YouTube clips

There are lots of clips of Ed on YouTube... here are two: the first is Ed performing the track "Orange" from Ultraviolet and the second is a short clip from an NMA concert in Paris.


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